We help you get the job done fast so you can get back to the game! With printing fax, scanning and video-conferencing facilities, Net Effect Internet Lounge provides a one-stop shop for work that requires more than a smart phone.

Our low latency fiber DIA Internet connection will keep your gaming enjoyable and lag free. Net Effect Internet Lounge also offers the complete suite of Microsoft Office products, and other popular business applications to satisfy the most discerning client.

We also provide the following services in downtown Toronto:  Computer Repair, Copying, Scanning, Fax (Local + International). Please come in or contact us for more details!



At Net Effect Internet Lounge, PC Gaming is serious business! With our Direct Fiber Connection, you will enter the coveted rank of the LPB’s (low ping bastards) people complain about online!

With our comfy chairs and over ear headphones you can turn the volume all the way up, and annihilate your friends in a number of today’s hottest shooter, strategy and MOBA titles.

Don’t have any friends? Come on down to the best 24 hour eSports center in downtown Toronto and join in on the endless succession of locally hosted or online games!

Have lots of friends? Bring them all down in a group, and Net Effect Internet Lounge will be your host for an unforgettable night of LAN or Internet hosted action!

Net Effect Lounge also features a huge assortment of calorie packed snack-foods, and caffeine rich beverages! With Coffee, Cola and chocolate bars, there is no more running out of steam in the middle of that Overwatch match!