This is a short and sweet post about how to stop seeing advertising while you search. Quite simply, stop using Internet Explorer! Get Firefox and free your web browsing. Download it from here.

Once you have installed Firefox, open the tool box

Open the addons tab

Inside you will find a menu and a search box

Addons menu and search bar

Inside the search box type Adblock Plus, click to install it. While you are there, also install the Adblock Plus popup blocker. Restart the browser.

Once installed go to the Adblock Plus icon that is now in the top right corner of your browser and open it.

adblock plus preferences

Click the preferences tab and uncheck the allow non intrusive advertising.

Thats it! Enjoy pretty much AD FREE web browsing. If there is a moral dilemma in your mind about certain websites, understand that you can CHOOSE to allow these sites that add value to your online time to advertise to you.

As aside, there are literally hundreds of addons. Some more useful than others. My personal favorite is WOT. It has saved me from dodgy websites more than once.

And if you are a die hard Chrome fan, you can also add Adblock Plus to Chrome, it just doesnt work as consistently as Chrome’s sole purpose is to serve advertising. Get Adblock for Chrome from here.

Moved to Windows 10? Read how to stop tracking and data collection in the new Windows 10 here.