So you made the switch to WINDOWS 10 … here are the things you might want to do right now if you are remotely paranoid. And paranoid you might want to be since the moment you accepted that licensing agreement you became a unique number that does nothing but track every move you make so they can figure out how to sell you something. Thankfully you can turn pretty much ALL of this off. And don’t think for a moment this will affect how you search, that is all fear tactics to keep you opted in. Microsoft wants a piece of Googles advertising dollars. That is where the war is right now. They have given up the fight against Apple and are concentrating on software. So, here is how to turn off Windows 10 tracking features.

A – From the windows button go to – Settings – Privacy – The broadest settings are in the – General – tab. Turn off anything that you feel concerns you. But you are not done yet. There are about 13 different‘helpful’  opt-in switches to go through. They are on by default. Thank you for making up my mind for me Microsoft. Keep the calendar though. It is probably useful, as long as its not spamming you with ads when your relatives wedding anniversary rolls around.

Start here to opt out

B – Turn off Cortana. You will be stuck in their search engine and it will use processing power waiting for you to talk to it with voice commands. Unless you need to use voice commands, then go ahead.

C – Log into your Microsoft account and then go to this website and turn off the tracking there.

D – Speaking of your Microsoft account, do not log into your computer as your Microsoft account or all this will be for naught. Log in as a local account.

I figured this was going to be the plan. I mean nothing is free on the web anymore. If its is ‘free’ there is a catch. There are even ads in the damn card games that Windows comes with now. Its a little too much. This is just a personal choice for me. If you also feel annoyed by this constant monitoring as well follow these instructions to try to minimize how much of your everyday activities are collected for profit. This doesn’t mean you will not see ads. But it will mean less of you is online than already is. This is too personalized for my liking what with Microsoft making you a unique ID number to be sold to advertisers.


Never want to see ads again >90% of the time? Read this.